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How to make pancakes?

Posted by admin On July - 23 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

When it comes to eat pancakes, everybody raises his hand but what when it comes to making them, you will definitely put your hands back. Now I will contradict this thing as I am going to tell you the easiest way on how to make pancakes.

A common issue with pancakes is that they are tough especially when you’re looking for a light pancake that is not only fluffy but tender as well. Let’s learn how to make pancakes easily?

The most common problem with the pancakes is the batter. You could use everything in a bowl, mix it up, and cook the batter, but the result won’t be what was expected. There are two things going on in the batter that must be processed properly.

Do not mix the batter excessively. Whip the wet ingredients all together thoroughly before pouring them into the dry ingredients. Use a spoon to properly stir all the ingredients together until it achieves a batter consistency. Be patient and leave it alone once its batter. If you see some lumps throughout the batter, that’s ok. It means you probably didn’t over mix.

When it comes to cook the pancakes, take out the bowl from the fridge and start scooping without stirring. This is because stirring will pop the useful bubbles. More bubbles will form across the top of the pancakes as they being cooked, which is exactly what you want for great pancakes.